Mr. Herriman then sets off into the woods in search for more food, and then meets wild bunnies. He accidentally breaks the toy, however, and must find a replacement before their friends find out. Eduardo runs away from the home to prove that he is not a coward. After being refused to have his cake, Bloo leaves and Frankie comes in and sees Mr. Herriman sleeping on the job. Everyone in Fosters is sick of Herriman's rules, so Frankie decides that she should run for president. In this movie, we find out about his backstory. Bloo (who thought that by "somthing terrible" meant that Wilt was a criminal) ended up telling everyone in the house the next morning, with Frankie deciding to try to find him. When Foster's needs a new roof, Bloo bakes up a plan to sell Madame Foster's amazing cookies after his first attempt at selling lemonade in the middle of winter fails. However, despite the way he feels, he decides to keep the fleas on him when he befriends them, though Frankie and Mr. Herriman want none of it and they decide to go to drastic lengths to get the fleas removed.

Mac, however, wants no part of it, since Bloo's surprise parties always humiliate him in some way, and he is determined to foil Bloo's plans by any means necessary.

Soon they realize her unnamed suitor is neither of them, and Mac and Bloo become jealous, trying to thwart every guy she comes in contact with, namely Chris (a pizza guy), Prince Charming (an imaginary friend), and her real date, Dylan Lee, who takes her to a fancy restaurant for their date. Mr. Herriman then tries to teach Coco to be sophisticated, while Mac and Frankie teach Bloo sarcasm, since he does not understand that Mr. Herriman was being sarcastic when he and Mac were promised jet cars.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Bloo tells him to order five hundred pizzas, at the price of $6532.12. Foul Larry: Well, well, well, if it isn't Mr. Sore Loser.You're late. When a thunderstorm knocks out the power at Foster's, the gang organizes a game of pretend. After appearing on local television news trying to outperform Eduardo, Bloo becomes a celebrity, doing commercials, television shows, movies and personal appearances. The game also caused his injuires, with a basketball bouncing onto his eye and his arm being crushed (and most likely amputated). After that, Mac develops a huge crush on Frankie, and later, Bloo does, too. After Bloo resigns, he helps Herriman by giving the house embarrassing and even untrue facts about Frankie. Meanwhile, everyone in the dining room sneaks food when Mr. Herriman is not looking after he insists they wait for Bloo to arrive before eating dinner. ", hero (Bloo) must set out on a quest if he wishes to attend a ceremony honoring The Great Creator of Everything (Mac). With no carrots left, the only thing left for dinner is to make "It," a dish that Frankie has never been able to make it. Mac tries to tell him that it is not fun after Bloo refuses to go do something else. Bloo and the others desperately try to stop Mr. Herriman from finding out about his newfound Internet fame. Bloo leaves the fridge open after getting himself a snack, which leads to Frankie telling Wilt to order pizza. Bloo then decides to try to expose Uncle Pockets as a fraud through the home's newspaper. When Mac visits Foster's, Bloo wants to show him something up on the roof, though when it is time for them to go back downstairs, they find themselves lost and unable to get downstairs. After learning this, he zaps Frankie, then Wilt, then both Wilt and Frankie at the same time. Mr. Herriman's carrot addiction leads him to blame Coco for stealing the carrots that were to be used for dinner that night, though it was him who hid them around the house. Bloo tricks Mac into making crank calls to Mr. Herriman. Mr. Herriman forbids him to get the toy without eating the cereal down to the ring. When Ivan, a seeing eye friend, loses his blind kid, the friends try to find the boy before harm comes to him. He asks around about the door, but no one will tell him what is behind it. Mr. Herriman soon wakes up and notices this and thinks he indeed ate the cake, at which point Frankie is yelling for Bloo to come into the kitchen, as they both enter, Frankie sees the cake is gone and scolds Bloo for it and threatens to kick him out. Wilt, believing that his creator is still mad at him for a past let-down, sets off on a cross-country journey to set things straight. This is due to the movie having some darker scenes for the younger audience of the show. Frankie is making sure that Madame Foster can take care of the house while everyone is gone, though all she wants to do is break the rules, which is tempting to Bloo.

Bloo and the gang arrive at Mac's apartment for a slumber party that Mac did not plan. Richie Wildebrat, a kid at Mac's school, keeps bragging about his imaginary friend, Blake Superior and how they will win the imaginary friend talent show pageant. Frankie eventually wins, but Herriman is left without a job.

A rich benefactor is considering giving money to a charity, and visits Foster's to see if it is worthy. Bloo tries to decipher a message from friends whose vocabulary has only one word each, like Coco.

Unfortunately, due to misreading the instructions, everyone gets locked out of the house and nobody knows the password except for Cheese, who memorized the code as a song. Through the entire day, Mac does things with everyone but Bloo, making him angrier and more emotionally hurt after every disappointment. Only when Mac says he does not care about being cool does the coolest kid in the school, Jamez Withazee, tell him that the fact that he does not want to be cool, makes him cool, and invites him to "The Rock". Not wanting to lose any more friends, they spend the day forcing everyone back into the house so that they will not be adopted. Eduardo tells some little white lies to the nursery residents of Foster's, and now has to cover his tracks so they cannot catch up to him. Bloo and Mac enjoy playing with each other in the mud, but when it is raining, they get sick. Bloo, angry at Coco, challenges her to a prank war, turning the night into an outrageous chain of pranks. It is Bloo's birthday, and his cake is being guarded by Mr. Herriman. Meanwhile, Eduardo gets an "extreme makeover" from Duchess, Coco thinks that she needs to lose weight, Wilt has trouble being in the house photo without getting his head cut out of the frame, and Mac and Bloo search for an answer behind a strange photo taken of the friends many years ago. After asking Wilt a number of questions about his creator, he gets nervous and runs inside. Bloo becomes obsessed, and tries to be the first to collect them all. On a less happy tone for everyone at Foster's, Cheese ends up moving in because Louise's new home does not allow imaginary friends. After they arrive, Bloo has eaten all the food.

Cheese then says a final goodbye to the audience, ending the series. Soon, he has everybody doing it.

When she looks inside, she falls into a strange imaginary world. The Extremosaurus chases Bloo around the junkyard, like in Pac-Man, but with the help of Eduardo's bravery, Coco's eggs, Wilt's basketball skills, and Mac's intelligence, they rescue Bloo. There, she gets treated like a princess by a mysterious imaginary friend, World (as named by the crew). It premiered November 23, 2006.
However, the family that adopted her turns out to be Mac's neighbors and her complaining gets to be too much for Mac's mother to handle. With her hyperactive imagination, she creates a new friend one after another, which causes a big problem for the other imaginary friends in the house. To make things worse, Wilt is lost, Eduardo is stuck, and Coco is mad at Mac. Bloo wants them to give him their tickets so he can get one, but the others decided to collect all of their tickets and get a rubber elephant, which Bloo grows an obsession with later on after discovering that it squeaks. Bloo wakes up to find the house completely deserted. The scribbles are natural hard-workers that begin to work around the house, making everyone become lazy. Since Mac takes up this offer and is not at Foster's at 3:00, Mr. Herriman is very quick to ensure that Bloo gets adopted. When Frankie opens the refrigerator to show that the cake is fine, it actually is gone, having been taken by Madame Foster. Frankie tells Bloo that static electricity can be produced by rubbing socks together. The movie was a sucess, and was nominated for an Emmy (however, it lost to Where's Lazlo?). Mac and Bloo have a staring contest and Eduardo tries to talk to them only to think they're frozen solid, consequently getting Frankie to tell him about it. Bloo tries to find a way to fix the broken bust before Mr. Herriman finds out. He thinks everybody is going to take the trash for themselves and tells them to get out. This leads him to be entered in the state student film festival. As a result, Bloo joins forces with Nemesis, Imaginary Man's mortal enemy, to get revenge on Mac. When he threatens to kick Bloo out, Bloo gets so stressed out that he accidentally breaks a bust of Madame Foster. With no Herriman or Frankie there to enforce the house rules, Mac and Bloo set out to cram as much fun and mischief into one day as they possibly can. It is revealed that Bloo was hiding behind a cardboard cut-out of himself. When Bloo cracks a joke about an imaginary friend's height, the "New Guy" challenges him to meet him outside at 4:00. In this double-length special, it is time for the Five Year Creator Reunion Picnic, where imaginary friends' creators come to Foster's to see their former friends. However, when Mr. Herriman tries it, Bloo thinks it has gone awry, and Herriman becomes a zombie, with the others also becoming undead later on through the episode. Robert Alvarez, Lauren Faust, and Eric Pringle. Before he can, however, Bloo grabs the camera, shows the footage to Frankie, and eventually uploads it to the Internet.

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