The document he eventually submitted became known in some Labor circles as "The Spanish Draft" - a reference to the fact that he went overseas on holiday with Gwyther as the document was being brought before the committee. He talks about different things, and in a different way from Crean, Beazley, John Howard and Peter Costello. Each time, she claims, he would undermine those efforts even as he was making them, getting into confused discussions about who should play the part of wife, and who of mistress. She recalls that while he was "male and boofy", he also spoke about wanting to change the world. A few days later they met for dinner.

I really don't see the need to make any further comment.". It was unremarkable.".

The other potent force brewing behind Latham during his time on the outer was Brereton, the silken-voiced Machiavellian Labor veteran who was then still Beazley's shadow foreign minister. It's one reason why he constantly gets under the Howard Government's radar.
It's an odd moment, a sudden disconnect.

He spent most of his 20s and early 30s working his way up to get into politics and he married a woman that he shouldn't have married and he generally minded his p's and q's other than the odd bit of stuff like that video at my birthday. Around the table there were 20-odd people - everyone tossed it out. He said he had made mistakes but: "I refuse to relive a marriage break-up publicly." Gabrielle Gwyther is on Facebook. He likes risk taking, everyone knows that. There's warmth in this Labor crowd willing him on to victory.

He'd overcome an impoverished childhood to win a place at a selective boys' high school, Hurlstone Agricultural, from there going on to study economics and politics at Sydney University.

Habib says, slamming down the phone. His teammates gave him the attractive moniker "veinhead" because of a vein which would sometimes bulge slightly on the side of his head.
Yet a number of colleagues see him as having a pronounced loner's streak, one saying: "We've put a lone wolf in the job.".

They had met in 1987 at a going-away dinner for a friend from Gwyther's old school, Santa Sabina College. The skies are darkening in Barwon Heads, the sleepy Victorian seaside town where Mark Latham has arrived to sell his coastal protection policy. Initially he came out attacking the Opposition leader's office, claiming his policy had been trivialised and gutted by back-room staff, without anyone explaining why. In a clear swipe at Gray, he praised the NSW state Labor secretary, John Della Bosca, as the best in politics and said he thought Della Bosca should be in Gray's job.

He has the ability to sound like an academic, at times obtusely so in his several books.

Once were Westies. One evening late in 1992 they were waiting for a train home from Wynyard station.

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