They have said (in an interview with Ellen Himelfarb, Wallpaper, September 2014) that ‘the exclusion of sadness from artwork functions like denial.’. Step back in time to see shoe collection at Museum of... St Mary’s Music School launch new animated film, Artist Fiona paints the perfect gift for her mother, New minor injuries service introduced in Lothians today, ReDrawing Edinburgh exhibition opens online, Coronavirus – City of Edinburgh Council issues its own guidance, Hearts Sign Connor Randall from Liverpool. Recognised as the UK’s leading, most prestigious art fair outside London, we have had to postpone this November until 2021 where we will return exhibiting 65 galleries from around the UK and abroad and over 500 artists from around the globe. In Humlebaek, the diving board sticking out of the Louisiana Museum (Powerless Structures, Fig. Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset clearly want to subvert our preconceptions, to make us think – but also to make us laugh. Edinburgh Art Festival 2018: Elmgreen & Dragset, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Subscribe to our newspaper delivery service, At the Dovecot Gallery: Liberty Art Fabrics & Fashion, Hibs European tickets available from noon today, Edinburgh Art Festival 2018 Breakfast Clubs: Helen Bellany at the Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh Art Festival: The Travelling Gallery at 40, Edinburgh Art Festival 2018 – Shilpa Gupta talking about her ‘experience’, Edinburgh Art Festival 2018 – at the Galleries.

How does a station affect behaviour differently from a gallery, and why? As their fame grew, Elmgreen & Dragset were invited to seminars, many of which considered how more people could be persuaded to engage with art. Edinburgh Art Festival, the only major annual event dedicated to the visual arts within the UK, has revealed the first details of its 15th edition, bringing together the capital’s leading galleries, museums and artist-run spaces in a city-wide celebration of the very best in visual art.. White walls are a choice, the white cube is a vulnerable institution; minimalism is used as a signifier of ‘good taste’, of a certain aesthetic that limits social interaction and tells people to behave in a certain, reverential, way. An upturned swimming pool outside the Rockerfeller Center; a diving board in (and partially out of) Denmark’s Louisiana Museum of Modern Art; a Prada store in the middle of the Texan desert. These seminars were, ironically, always held behind closed doors. Main image: Caley Station, Edinburgh-1942 by Edwin G Lucas ‘Edwin G. Lucas: A Photograph: Edinburgh Art Festival 2018 Fri 27 Jul 2018 02.00 EDT Last modified on Tue 31 Jul 2018 … Zu viele Bilder ausgewählt.

And airports do, of course, make us feel disconnected; stuck in them for any length of time, we start to lose our bearings, we feel detached. In Korea they turned Plateau, Samsung Museum of Art, into an airport (Aéroport Mille Plateaux) but one in which signs lead nowhere and nothing is as it seems, so that every attempt to ‘get somewhere’ is thwarted. But when they first visited New York City, they found galleries unwelcoming, minimalist and exclusive; ‘You would go in and be faced by a girl or a guy typing at a desk, all you could see was their eyes above the parapet.’, One of the key themes in their work is the institutional space; how does it work, and perhaps more importantly, how does it influence the way people think, and behave? ‘We thought making exhibitions would be a celebration.’.

In New York’s meat packing district (‘before it became gentrified’) the artists found that the basement of the Bohen Foundation looked like an underground station, so they created an ‘abandoned’, fictive one, (End Station) adding narrative layers with the help of graffiti artists and taggers.

In the UK, Elmgreen & Dragset are perhaps best known for their sculpture for the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square, London. As the keynote lecturers for the 2018 Edinburgh Art Festival, Elmgreen & Dragset encapsulate all that is valuable – and vital – about art in the 21st century.

The IBM strategic repository for digital assets such as images and videos is located at You’re not meant to laugh. ‘We wanted’, says Dragset, ‘to break through, to engage with real people and find out what they really thought.’, So they developed more projects; a sunken gallery (which became a late night party venue) in a museum park in Reykjavik (Dug Down Gallery, Powerless Structures #45), a ladder from a ground floor gallery into an upstairs neighbour’s kitchen in Milan (the neighbour, having been unhappy about their activity in setting up the gallery below, loved the idea and collaborated with them in their installation), a clinical waiting room in which the number on the ticket machine never changes (It’s the Small Things in Life That Really Matter, Blah, Blah, Blah). In 1997, for 12 Hours of White Paint/Powerless Structures, Fig 15, they spent twelve hours using water hoses to apply 300 gallons of white paint to the walls of an already ‘white cube’ gallery.

The people of Valentine have warmed to it (especially as it attracts tourists to local businesses) – volunteers even look after it – and when the local authority thought about knocking it down, there was so much support for it that they had to leave it be. They are reluctant to give definite explanations because they don’t want to influence people’s own interpretations, (‘We get big surprises when people interpret our sculptures; sometimes they are far cleverer than we are.’) but one view is that, by removing and reapplying the paint, they hoped to show that the white cube is not the neutral background that some galleries would claim it to be. Wählen Sie bis maximal 100 Bilder zum Herunterladen aus. Full details of all exhibitions and events can be found here: or in brochures available at galleries and other venues throughout the city. And one of the first conventions they questioned was why every modern art gallery was white. At the Scottish National Gallery’s Hawthornden Theatre last week they delivered this year’s Edinburgh Art Festival Keynote Lecture. Their work draws our attention to what is happening in the world, and in our lives as social beings; it heightens our awareness and stops us becoming numb.

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