Use these instructions instead to rescan your channels. (view this in full screen for proper spacing) You'll find these readings under "Menu" -> "Setup" -> "System Setup" -> Satellite -> "View Signal Strength". Your TV might recognize it now as the new channel. Note the "+" and "-" symbols next to the "Satellite" and "Tuner" After all this messing around with the digital switchover (bloody nuisances! You need to get out of hdmi mode and back to the tv's built in tuner mode, that is the only way you're going to get your channels back Nathan : If it won't work, that would suggest a hardware failure in the tv or that the tuner is faulty Try moving your antenna around to see if that helps. But, an antenna amplifier a much more complex device, and it's much more prone to failure. Got it set-up and found out it was an older model and terribly slow.

This wireless remote extender from the Marmitek PowerMid range. Asian channels via You Tube. If you did, please share it and sign up for my email updates. Please keep us posted and thank you MUCH for this contribution. 2020 UPDATE: The FCC and TV stations are in the midst of a "channel re-pack" where they are shifting the frequencies of many TV stations. A properly aligned dish will show 80-90s on most of therelevant transponders (although some will be low or zero):Satellite transponders (32 total at 101º)[Most of your standard definition channels are beamed from 101ºW]1-8 X X X X X X X X 9-16 X X X X X X X X17-24 X X X X X X X X25-32 X X X X X X X XSatellite transponders (3 total at 110º)[A few HD channels, also beamed from 99 & 103º]1-8 NA NA NA NA NA NA NA X9-16 NA X NA X NA NA NA NASatellite transponders (11 total at 119º)[Local SD channels for some cities, Spanish package]17-24 NA NA NA NA NA X X X 25-32X X X X X X X XSatellite transponders (16 total at 99º(s)) [or 99º(b)][Local HD channels for some cities]1-8 X X X X X X  NA NA9-16 NA NA NA NA NA NA X X 17-24 X X X X X X X X[Note: these can be very slow to appear]Satellite transponders (14 total at 99º(c)) [or 99º(a)][National HD channels]1-8 X X X X X X X X9-16X X X X X X  NA NA[Note, these can be very slow to appear]Satellite transponders (16 total at 103º(s)) [or 103º(a)][Local HD channels for some cities]1-8 X X X X X X NA NA9-16 NA NA NA NA NA NA X X 17-24 X X X X X X X X[Note, these can be very slow to appear]Satellite transponders (16 total at 103º(ca)) [National HD channels]1-8 NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA9-16 X X X X X X X X17-24 X X X X X X X XSatellite transponders (14 total at 103º(cb)) [or 103º(b)][National HD channels]1-8 X X X X X X X X9-16 X X X X X X X X NA NA17-24 NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA. Learn how to auto-tune to HD channels with X1. If you suddenly lose a channel, the first thing to try is re-scan for channels on your TV. On modern TVs, you won't need to do this, but my old Sony doesn't support how to map displayed channels to real channels. Enter your zip code into the Station Finder and click your station's call letters to determine which direction the signal is coming from. Go to menu system configuration auto somthing your language and That is my situation with my 2008 Sony Bravia. (The example below is only an example andnot a form that will appear in your post unless you "cut" and"paste" it.) Arrow over to highlight “Auto Channel Scan” then press OK. 4.

I personally read and answer each one. It is possible that a new electronic device in your home or neighborhood is wreaking havoc on your TV signal.

(view this in full screen for proper spacing)You'll find these readings under"Menu" -> "Setup" -> "System Setup" ->Satellite -> "View Signal Strength". ©2020 Hearst UK is the trading name of the National Magazine Company Ltd, 30 Panton Street, Leicester Square, London, SW1Y 4AJ. See if that helps. There are dozens of models of Hisense TVs. Changes to channel numbers are taking effect from 4 Nov 2020.. You will need to retune your TV to update your channels. Where did you get this information from as I'm trying to make a Master Reference List to simplify issues such as these in the future. Make sure "Tuner Mode" is set to "Antenna." If I go to the next channel (non HD)  everything is great. You'll connect the device to one of the ports on the back of your TV. The re-pack is scheduled to continue through mid-2020. If you've been into your TV's settings before, these instructions should help you rescan your TV. Did that, now, all the channels … Replying to my own post: "Settings" then I scrolled down, so that the hidden menu items scrolled up onto the screen. How do you get the TV channels back on the TV? This happened to a few stations here in Los Angeles, where the FCC allowed TV stations to auction off their spectrum to wireless providers. Welcome to the Digital Spy forums.

*This image is only to demonstrate, the connections on your TV will differ from this picture. If you’d like to join in, please sign in or register. If that doesn't work, then check your TV manufacturer's website for a firmware upgrade for your TV.

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