Burrard Bridge is one of the major landmarks of this city. It's quite a nice scenic sight ... though they do have the safeguard fences to prevent people from going over. I dont see many bridges with colour but this one has stands out.I first spotted Burrard bridge as I walked through Hadden Park and the Burrard Marina. The noise of cars going overhead, boats sailing and a full view of the water. That's the sound you hear of a girl on a bike, riding on the separated bike lane - no braking, no worrying about meandering pedestrians coming over to the wrong side of sidewalk. Brisk morning walks over the bridge (usually to collect my car abandoned the night before)2. But with the construction, its not too bad, its about 30 mins to 1 hour to get across. This high, five-part bridge on four piers spans False Creek, connecting that city’s downtown with Kitsilano. Constructed in 1930–1932, the high, five part bridge on four piers spans False Creek, connects downtown Vancouver with Kitsilano via connections to Burrard Street on both ends. Its rare to see them carve out some precious space on a main bridge into the core. A collection of overview and detail photos. I will NEVER tire of the scenery! Yes, ALL CAPS and plenty of exclamation marks helps to express my joy for the bike lane that was installed in the summer of 2009. I do believe that it needs better night lighting in order to help both car and pedestrian/bicycle alike, and that pedestrians deserve an east side crossing as well. Burrard Bridge over False Creek in Vancouver. Maybe it isnt the best bridge to take shots. The effect works at speeds from about 40 to 64 km/h. Sunsets. responsibility of correctly following all applicable laws, rules, and I love this bridge!I daily walk along the seawall from Cooper's Park toStanley Park (usually way beyond Prospect Point), and in Yaletown/Beach area, I always walk under three bridges: the Cambie, the Granville and the Burrard. It is one of three bridges crossing False Creek. I've been doing that almost every Monday - Friday (and often on the weekends to get downtown) for over three years. As soon as I cross under the bridge, I am greeted by the most spectacular view of Kits' Jerico Beach across False Creek, Sunset Beach straight ahead, and water opening up to the ocean, with mountains serving as a majestic backdrop. I will NEVER tire of the scenery!I used to find it a bit stressful as the sidewalks were shared with bicycles.

THANKFULLY THAT'S NOT A CONCERN ANYMORE!!!!!!! Sure, there a bit more backup of car traffic, but to that I say - use the Granville Street Bridge and get off my corner! There is construction happening right now starting March 2016. Thus, this richly ornamented bridge that is also unaltered stands out as highly significant. Ascending on the bridge either on bike or foot from the Kitsilano side. This gallery offers photos in the highest available resolution and file size in a touch-friendly popup viewer. Pretty, scenic bridge. Seeing how many are zooming by in Vancouver, this would give most walkers a relief they wont get a bike bumping into them.When I took drove over this after the rush hour, I didnt have an issue but I did notice that its much slower than Cambie bridge. The Canada-wide support group “Moms Stop The Harm” have installed an awareness-raising art display of over 600 pairs of shoes along the Burrard Street Bridge. What would have normally taken 30 minutes before is growing to an hour now during rush hour. With its many rivers, Vancouver has many bridges that have a beautiful backdrop of water or a shoreline to frame it. I've been doing that almost every Monday - Friday (and often on the weekends to get downtown) for over three years. Contact the business for more information about recent service changes. that was installed in the summer of 2009. I kind of prefer the elevated sidewalk you use when biking into town - the views are nicer and you can see better the inlet on one side and False Creek/Granville Island on the other. If they screw up this bridge with so $60M sidewalk extension, I'll leave. With that said, the turn from Pacific (southbound) to Burrard (westbound) is now super-dangerous, as they've taken away the merging zone!

Pedestrians have a full, wide sidewalk to themselves. And those pesky pedestrians who used to walk into the bike lane pose no more fear! Temporary or not, now that the cameras have stopped rolling and the media coverage has died down, it's become my chosen happy way to get to Kits. Say it with me: roadwork! However, if the separated lanes for cars, pedestrians and cyclists become a permanent part of our fair city, it doesn't seem fair to relegate pedestrians to only one side of the bridge. The central truss is hidden when crossing the bridge in either direction by vertical extensions of the bridge's masonry piers into imposing concrete towers, connected by overhead galleries, which are embellished with architectural and sculptural details that create a torch-like entrance of pylons. On top of all that, you have beautiful light blue and golden tiles that top the higher portion of the concrete towers. Could you tire of the ocean shimmering in the bright sun? I'm on an architecture jag. In addition to the vehicle deck, the Burrard Bridge has sidewalks on both sides, 2.6 m (8 ft 6 in) wide, the northern one (with a view of English Bay and West Vancouver) for pedestrians and the southern one (with a view of False Creek) now dedicated to cyclists.The architect of the Burrard Bridge was George Lister Thornton Sharp, the engineer John R. Grant.

Realization: You're not actually "on" the bridge until you're almost 1/2 way over it!16/30: 30 day challenge. It's awesome it gets used but it would have been better if it was on the other side. The marine theme is wonderful. One of three bridges that joins Vancouver with Richmond or Granville, this is a very tall one.

The city of Vancouver is finally revealing $35 Million worth of changes being proposed for the Burrard Street Bridge, with one specific change that has some heritage advocates concerned. This bridge is highly significant as one of the oldest surviving bridges in the greater Vancouver area, an area that has many bridges but which nearly all are nondescript modern cable-stayed bridges. HistoricBridges.org is NOT a government agency, does not represent or And the Burrard is my favorite by far!

Disclaimer: HistoricBridges.org is a volunteer group of private The mountains, westward. It is so relaxing to know that my dog and I don't have to worry about a mad cyclist knocking us down. Burrard bridge not only has that picturesque background, it also has the bones and style of the beautiful Art Deco style. Claim your business to immediately update business information, respond to reviews, and more! J. R. Grant was the consulting engineer, and Sharp and Thompson were the architects, a firm run by George Lister Thornton Sharp. 3. The bridge is 860 metres long and comprises multiple structure types, including concrete girder and steel deck truss, and through truss spans. It's a pretty sight with it's large golden concrete towers holding up an arched truss.

I also noticed that there is a path for those who want to walk only and this is separated from the bikes. My favourite bridge is Lion's Gate but Burrard would be the 2nd as it has the wonderful views of the English Bay & Granville island, and it's really unique Art Deco style. This is how I energize in the morning and de-stress in the evening. *As a cyclist I have freedom! I walk over this bridge twice a day on my ways to and from work. I dont see many bridges with colour but this one has stands out. I know that because I initially walked down thinking that I'd take the ferry but there was a super long queue and I decided to just walk it. Learn more.

Usually traffic here is ok not bad. My 2nd favourite bridge to cross, even with bad traffic as they're always a magnificent view (Lions Gate being the other, obviously) of English Bay, even during a foggy day!And from a logistic perpsective, the two turning right lanes have improved congestion immensely, unless you rarely drive here, you can get in the far lanes right away instead of trying to merge later on.Amazingly, the bike lanes there don't bother a hardcore driver like myself. Lots of them.

It's a testament to its beauty. It is one of three bridges crossing False Creek. TAKE THE FERRY even if it means a 20 minute wait. Granville Island, the seawall, the reflection of sunshine off of Yaletown glass. By closing off the right lane it's a bumper to bumper stand still waiting to merge from pacific. Coordinates (Latitude, Longitude): Ah, the bridge...my backyard and it's newest addition of a proper bike lane! Information is provided "as is" without warranty of any The iconic Art Deco Burrard Bridge, opened to the public in 1932, connects Kitsilano with downtown Vancouver. Its two close approach spans are Warren deck-trusses, while its central span reverses to a through Pratt truss, to allow shipping. The eastward skyline at dusk or in full sunlight.

**********************************************************And now for the brief and random ramblings of what I've seen so far:x Bikers on the sidewalkx Motorized scooters in the bike lanex Pedestrians on the East side bike lane onlyx Cyclists going the wrong way on the west sideAnd the Darwin Award for stupidest thing I've seen so far goes to...xxx The black SUV who managed to drive in the bike lane all the way from Thurlow and Pacific and across the bridge. For those who do bike, I have to admire how much the city is dedicated to giving them a safe place to bike around the city. TAKE THE FERRY even if it means a 20 minute wait.Though if I'd not taken the bridge, I'd have missed the amazing view of False Creek and English Bay. Busts of Captain George Vancouver and Sir Harry Burrard-Neale in ship prows jut from the bridge's towers (a V under Vancouver's bust, a B under Burrard's). Burrard Bridge is one of the major landmarks of this city. It all pulls together with it's many linear strong lines of the Art Deco time.

The high, five part bridge on four piers spans False Creek, connecting downtown Vancouver with Kitsilano via connections to Burrard Street on both ends.

While we The bridge's two close approach spans are Warren trusses placed below deck level, while its central span is a Pratt truss placed above deck level to allow greater clearance height for ships passing underneath.

Though if I'd not taken the bridge, I'd have missed the amazing view of False Creek and, The way I look at it, we all pay our taxes, even the, , so they have a right to cycle to go abouts their life...they choose to use 2 wheels instead of 4 lol. Division of Endocrinology | Department of Medicine. My goal is to walk the Burrard Bridge sometime in the next month. I'm not sure how you can fix this though, without removing a chunk of bike lane.One random piece of trivia: there are approximately 210 sections of concrete fencing from one end to the other.

represent the views of anyone else, including any outside photographers whose Various shades of shadow each dipping into the other and diving into the ocean. HistoricBridges.org does not bear any

The high, five part bridge on four piers spans False Creek, connecting downtown Vancouver with Kitsilano via connections to Burrard Street on both ends. I'm sure those from the Burrard are, too!

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