Filed my claim, told me all my benefits and even told me when I get my first check. At 8:15, security finally came out from behind the building to post a sign on the door, "We are closed to the public due to COVID-19." Didn’t get cue music just a rep. First person I talked to and she finally fixed my account to “paid” status. My BF has been trying for 3 days. I pressed 5 then 1. I'm finally on hold after using all the other "tricks" that just don't work!!! And by now, I believe it is. Got put on hold, said the wait time was 6 mins and ended up getting through in like 3. You will then bypass the menu and it will say something like, "You will be transferred to next available representative" It will prompt you to give your social security number. The person was irritated, didn't want to answer questions and hung up on me. 0 Our Unemployment Insurance claims and technical support phone lines are not available on state holidays, but EDD staff are still working to process your claims. But, initially they said 6 minutes and I've been on hold for 25 minutes. Does anyone know what else I can do? Alissa, thank-you soooo much for the tip. and they were so helpful. Hope this helps. I start at 7:55 am & around 9:15-9:30, the lines open up and get me through to the part where you put in your social but still not able to get through some times. Since the system won’t let me certify, I’ve also had to reopen my claim—get this—FIVE TIMES!

We are going through the same scenario, word for word! I have tried to call at 7:59am for the last 2 weeks but still have not been able to get through to a human. It worked like a charm. Yesterday was a terrible experience. It costs $30, but you are guaranteed to get through and speak with an agent at EDD.

THANK YOU. The first two times, I chose the option of having them call me back when it's my turn. Luis said he put me on a list for a person- “ specialist” from UI office who would call me- I’m waiting, hoping. But, FUCK THE EDD! You can also press 0 instead of 6-7-1 and get connected that way. I TRIED IT BACK IN 2014 IT WORKED NOW I NEED IT AGAIN OUT OF WORK :(. Wasn't even on hold for a minute. Thank you for all the help! I sent 5 messages for 10 days and still no response from EDD. It took me 34 tries to get through. If it says "thank you" after pressing the 6-7-1, hang up and try again. 4. I filed for unemployment on March 16th. Omg the best trick ever is to call the 1800# after pressing one when the guy says "welcome" listen to the long dreadful message an press 6-7-1 fast and then you'll be asked for your ss# and be put on hold for the next person!

How the hell do they expect to facilitate all of these new claims only working 4hrs a day?

Sincerely hope this helps sometime else, good luck everyone! 800-300-5616 & 833-978-2511. Persistence! Anna, I spent weeks trying to get a person. (it's supposed to come in the mail) I have no customer account number! The other held on for 2 hours and 45 mins. Thank you! I also gave screenshots of the issues I had on my portal.

UPDATE 1 for English then press 5 followed by 1 then 1 then 0. I honestly think they do this on purpose. As soon as the message starts, “welcome to” immediately dial 1-0 not together but quickly. I just dialed everything fast. calling the vietnamese line worked for me!!! Let's hope this goes well..... Hi Anna, did you have any luck talking to someone?

Please call Sandi or email her. I also got the certification papers for the first two weeks, filled them out and sent them back. HERE'S WHAT WORKS EVERY TIME: hit 5 (as if you're an employer), then hit 1 when prompted, then hit 1 again when prompted, then hit 0 (to speak to a live person) - they will tell your wait time and then a nice person comes on - LIVE!!! When to expect you payments? Just try to contact English line, no matter how frustrating and difficult it may be. I called the number about five times and kept getting the option to press zero or a busy tone. It is shame that people have to jump through hoops. Dial 1 (English) 6-7-3. Doesnt work. This is not a joke, i am not with EDD, I am a schmuck like you guys. Here is a list of all the ones I … 4. This is as close to hope that I got today! I am also dealing with this hectic process . I hope this helps!

* Call later in the day (Got through 4 pm yesterday when I had to call again)

So tired of the Bullshit almost rather be broke then to sit on hold another month!!! It really works! I've been trying to talk with someone for weeks, your trip worked perfectly :) He said the issue is in the servers, and their being overwhelmed by calls, and online information. I got through first try, and straightened everything out! I had been trying to get things straitened out with the EDD for over 3 months.

Try later in the day like I did. when rep picked up it was about 1:40pm. This prompted me to enter my social security number. FINALLY! It only took 5 mins - 2 busy signals, hung up, got a live person on 3rd try.

But I have emailed multiple times and been hung up on by a automated message too many times now. Then the adjuster will come on the line and call you by name and ask you to confirm some info. You can email them the the "contact us" link on UI online, at Just stay on line there will be music then a live person comes on. There was immediately music, then silence for an hour then it hung up. [Updated] Good bye.". I say one of my weeks I certified for did not get paid. Please advise with suggestion of any kind. Not sure which one actually worked.. She was more then happy to help me ! When it comes to people and their money, things can get ugly. Hi Rose, I posted an update with some specific numbers you can try. 3. Saw this trick someone put here in this thread and worked for me. This trick works! Or, did they get frustrated with you for calling the wrong number, because you called the Tech Support line - not the claim services line? If you hear THANKYOU, hang up and keep trying until the automated system directs you to wait (the music) I have a similar issue as yours.

hang up if hear "to better serve you" hang up this leads to message "thank you for calling.

I explained my situation, and even though it was after noon call center cutoff hours, they were able to immediately transfer me over to a live representative at the central office who was friendly & resolved the issue for me (wages missing, causing 4/5/20 claim to be denied) all within 15 minutes total.

I have tried the 909, 714, and 619 numbers as well. Then I hung up and called back and dialed 1 then 6 then 7 then 1, i entered my social and pressed 1 and I had a helpful person on the line after two minutes on hold. 1. Good luck. I will keep calling. This is how I finally got through to a live human after unsuccessfully trying to call and email them for 2 weeks *bonus* it was easy and fast! At first I thought the lines had crossed and I was connected with another applicant, but as soon as he heard me say “hello” he quickly introduced himself as an EDD rep. Beggars can’t be choosers so I brushed this off and asked about my case status. [Update 2] I even emailed last week to try and get a response about my account number. Aaron, I am so sorry you have not gotten through to them yet. I've been waiting for my benefits to start for FIVE months!

So sorry to hear that you are going through this. press 1 then 671.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. My issue with the not paid $0.00 amount. Sincerely hope this helps someone else, good luck everyone! A place for your unemployment insurance questions. How To Get Through To Edd California I got someone who spoke English and helped me fast! The representative was extremely helpful. Extension Then 3 for Inglewood Workforce Services. thank you. This worked on the first try! After some hold music, a live operator will address you in Vietnamese, Just say "Hello, EDD office?" One that says they already have enough people in cue, so hang up and call back, basically. Please, Not Allowed??? Must 5-1-1-0. I logged onto UI Online and VOILA - status was PAID for 4 of my weeks under claim history. Try learning Choctaw or Iroquois then maybe your whining will make some sense! The local edd office just help you find jobs but they might know someone at the edd main office and can find out more about the hold up on your case. Busy signal, other times it just says, "call center closed," or "exchange is not available." the employer line was the quicker and more effective of the 2 for me.

Anyone has a trick ?

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