[27] Wires were painted over to make them non-reflective and fans were used to simulate currents passing over puppets' hair and clothing. Most of Maxwell's work consisted of minor roles in B films. Stingray was the first Supermarionation series whose puppet characters had interchangeable heads showing a range of facial expressions.
Troy Tempest was modelled on James Garner;[8][26][36][37][38] according to Gerry Anderson, this was at his own suggestion because the sculptors were struggling with his original brief. Stingray is piloted by the square-jawed Captain Troy Tempest.

[59], Each tank incorporated an artificial horizon system whereby the back wall was built low and the tank was deliberately overfilled to create a waterfall, blurring the divide between the rim of the tank and the painted-sky backdrop. Maxwell and Sean Connery filmed their lines separately and were not present together for the short scene. [78][83] Mavis disagrees that the series is sexist, noting that while Atlanta "doesn't do much here except answer the phone", Marina saves Troy's life on several occasions. He also describes it as "inherently a matinee adventure, an inspiring rush of mild peril and jaunty escapades".

[34] Most of the series' special effects were filmed on high-speed cameras with the footage slowed down in post-production to convey a sense of greater weight and scale. The first episode has no on-screen title but is referred to as "Stingray" in documentation by.
Nel 2001 le è stato diagnosticato un cancro all'intestino e si è trasferita in Australia occidentale , dove ha vissuto con suo figlio fino alla sua morte, all'età di 80 anni, nel 2007. Agent X-2-Zero poses as a teacher for mute people in another plot to destroy Marineville, leaving Marina in mortal danger. British children's Supermarionation television series.

[7] There she made a series of films, and at one point became an amateur race driver. The WASP's flagship is Stingray, a combat submarine crewed by Captain Troy Tempest, navigator Lieutenant "Phones" and Marina, a mute young woman from under the sea. [86] Stingray has also attracted a variety of comment on its presentation of race and sex. Troy is assigned to recover a giant pearl from an ocean cave, but the task is not as simple as it seems.

[77] Andrew Blair of Den of Geek believes that when grouped with Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, Stingray is "the lesser of the Holy Triumvirate of Supermarionation [...] It's shorter than the former, and lighter than the latter, giving it a comparatively breezy feel." Troy and Phones board Stingray from the Marineville stand-by lounge by sitting on twin seats that are then lowered into the submarine via injector tubes. Maxwell stayed on as Moneypenny when her former classmate Roger Moore assumed the role of 007 in Live and Let Die (1973). [2][35] The female puppets' wigs were made of human hair; for the male puppets, mohair was used as it was softer and easier to style.

before declaring that "Anything can happen in the next half-hour!" In 1994, she returned to the UK once again to be nearer to her daughter Daphne, retiring to a cottage in Frome, Somerset.

Club suggests that compared to villains of earlier Anderson series, Titan and the Aquaphibians serve as a "more classically Cold War-style villainous Other". [34], For the underwater sequences, Anderson had originally envisaged filming inside a water tank,[3] but the cost of the specialist cameras and equipment required would have made this impractical. Il ruolo di segretaria di M garantiva solo due giorni di lavoro al prezzo di 100 sterline al giorno; Maxwell ha fornito i suoi vestiti per le riprese. They married in 1957 and moved to London, where their daughter Melinda and son Christian were both born (in 1958 and 1959).

During the 1960s Maxwell appeared in many TV series and in films outside the Bond series, in both the UK and Canada.

Agent X-2-Zero poses as a film producer in his latest scheme to eliminate Troy. [2][27][50] Vegetable dye was added to the aquarium to make the water more noticeable. All the signs point to Commander Shore when a vital component is stolen from the Marineville control room.

Atlanta and Commander Shore discover a letter from Marina that reveals how she and the rest of her people came to be mute.

È stata la prima attrice a recitare la parte. While investigating the disappearance of a probe, Troy and Phones are captured by the survivors of a ruined subterranean city.

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