Making 10 is an important skill that children in kindergarten and first grade are asked to learn and then memorize.

Another great idea would be to place these activities in your math cen, A strong knowledge of ‘rainbow facts’ is essential to quick recall of basic addition and subtraction facts. Matching pairs of gloves with number bonds that make 10.

Great for use when teaching children ways of making numbers to ten and number bonds/number complements to 5.

A printable activity where pupils match the arrows to the hearts to make number bonds to 10. Children can easily memorize which numbers can be joined together to make 10, and it’s a skill that will be important through out their entire lives! Scroll to the very bottom of this post to find them. Required fields are marked *.

As long as you monitor your students, these free printable board games style activities can be a big success to get everyone speaking in English.

Copy and cut apart the numbered ice cream scoops. Activities Included:

Pupils make ladybird spots, leaves for the stem, eggs in the baskets, biscuits on the plates and more. “Make 20” and “Make 15” have been asked for the most,  but I have gotten the odd request for other numbers too, so I decided to go with a couple of options you can customize. I also have a 2 and a 3 and that makes 5, so really that’s like having two 5s!! T, This packet includes 4 fun activities to make learning and memorizing the 'make ten' combinations fun and engaging! Easter Egg Number Bonds Making 10 (SB4199). A printable activity where children match together the knives and forks to make the numbers on the plates.

We provide high-quality math worksheets for more than 10 million teachers and homeschoolers every year. This is by far the most engaging thing I've done for my classroom. Students must find and circle 2 touching numbers in the game board that make 10. has free ten frame graphics in black and white or color so you can design your own worksheets and games.

Children age K through 2nd grade played this in our library STEAM time this afternoon and were so thrilled each time they made 10.

Students will learn the rules and then be able to play any of the 4 games with ease!

One payment, lifetime access.
Included are 10 team-building games to get you started towards a friendlier, more positive classroom.

Children count how many marbles the boy and girl each have. It’s pretty low key and easy! Printable tens frames themed with different creatures.

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To get started, we shuffled our deck {minus the face cards of course}, and dealt the entire stack out between the two of us. Rare Making 10 Games Printable.

A set of worksheets where children find ways of making 5 and complete the number sentences using fives frames. Printable Games Keep the educational ball rolling throughout the year (including summer) with our printable games worksheets, which are a perfect blend of stimulating, challenging, and amusing. Then it was time to play! Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Pinterest  |  Twitter, This is so cute…and I could simplify it for my littlest (make 5).

An ideal accompaniment to our Number Story Book posters.

Print out, laminate and cut the shells in half. I don’t have a sheet, but if you read the post above you’ll learn all about how it’s played. Making ten games are always a great way to build key math skills for your Kindergarten and First Grade kiddos. Make Ten, Support your classroom instruction with this Addition Google Slides Game! More details and source files here.  Cut out the number bonds so that you’re left with single colored numbers as shown above.

:), Hey Hannah! A set of printable cards with number bonds to make 10.

Also includes a black and white sheet that can be completed and coloured by pupils. The question disappears after, This game is perfect for rainy days, literally!

(Those 15’s are just written on our laminated play mats using a white board marker and will easily wipe off using a cotton pad.).

Number Bonds Making 10 on Butterflies (SB2230). Love this!!

Shows resources that can work for all subjects areas, This is pack of printable games, activities, and centers for making ten and ways to make ten. Printable genies and magic lamps with numbers to 10. Number Bonds Making 10 Animal Matching (SB1529).

Ideal as visual aids to help children learn number bonds.

In this board game ‘Over the Rainbow’ players take turns rolling the dice and moving the number of spaces required. I can really use this idea with them. Expansion Ideas: Expand this game by turning all the cards over so children can see them. A simple click-and-drag tens frame where children can move the blue and red counters in different combinations that make 10 on the tens frame and drag the numbers to complete the number sentence. Ideal as visual aids to help children learn number bonds. 7 plus what = 10?”, Print Make 10 Game Free at File Folder Fun. If not, when you find it, what do you do? A set of A4-sized printable ladybirds each featuring 10 spots, distributed in different ways on each wing. A set of coloured jigsaw pieces with number bonds for 10 for matching games. 10 Team-Building Games For A Friendlier Classroom. Print kids printable games for free. A set of A4-sized printable ladybirds each featuring spots distributed in different ways on each wing to make numbers 1-9. This is a great game! Have students place double-sided counters in a cup, shake it, and spill it! Any combination goes when making “a ten”! Whether it’s a single ’10’ card, a pair of cards that add up to 10, or even 3 or 4 cards that can be added up to make 10, it’s all good! Thanks, Kerry! (set of 4 gameboards included)  This game can be played table side and stored in a file folder but it’s not necessary. HOME > Maths > Calculations > Number Bonds > Number Bonds to 10, Number Bond Jigsaws for Numbers 3-9 (SB3982). This game that covers "Doubles" and "What makes Ten" was designed give your students another way to learn or review their basic facts. And here’s a peek of the second option in use as a ‘Make 15’ board….

LOVE this game! * This title is, This game is perfect for fall!

This Kindergarten Math Game focuses on Making Ten, and provides students with practice in the form of multiple choice or short answer questions. Click here to download your free printable! It’s absolutely chock full of really fun, really doable games that promote all sorts of learning using the simplest of materials. This resource is great to practice making ten to add for 1st grade or 2nd grade students. Number Bonds to 10 Heart and Arrow Matching Activity (SB7202). Number Bonds Making 10 Jigsaw Pieces - Black and White (SB10439).

So after you make a 10, do you replace 2 cards from the top of the deck? Adding to 10 Game .

Included in the "Make 10 Games" are four engaging games and activities that require little or no prep. Great for matching games where children find the corresponding goal and football images/numbers. As the teacher, you play against your students, only gaining points if students say the wrong answer. {Healthy Wholewheat Flax} Spiderweb Pancakes, Homemade Air-Dry Modelling Clay {aka baking soda clay}, Cookie Cutter Bird Seed Feeders {A Toddler-Friendly Method}. Then we placed our decks face down on our mats and flipped the top four cards over onto the numbered spots. Sorry but I didn’t understand, maybe because of my English.

Use the download link to this printable quote and pin it to your bulletin board to keep you inspired or look at our list of fun and easy printables you can make today: A coloring book with homemade coloring pages; Road trip games that will act as fun kids activity during the next family vacation; Printable calendar for your desk at work

When landing on a space, players identify the missing number in the rainbow, This is a fun work station for finding addition facts that 'Make 10'. Though sometimes you’ll get a ’10’ card {or a simple combination of ten} and it’ll be really easy, other times you have to get creative in order to come up with a combination of cards that make ten. Children can visually see that three more are needed so they can place the markers accordingly. Print the Five in a Row Game Boards on color, This is pack of printable games, activities, and centers are to help students learn how to make 10 to add.

Students will be working with ten frames and objects to complete ten frames.

April 8, 2015 By Valerie Mcclintick Leave a Comment. My six year old and I played this and had fun, but at times we had too many large numbers. Cards can be paired by matching the animal pictures.

Great for use when teaching children ways of making numbers to ten and number bonds/number complements to 10.

Pairs of hand prints with numbers that combine to make a total of 10.

Since originally sharing this game and play mat, so many people have asked for play mats using numbers larger than ten. Printable buckets and spades with the numbers from 0 to 10 where children can match them to make number bonds up to 10. Great for use when teaching children ways of making numbers to ten and number bonds/number complements to 5. Your students will LOVE THIS! We love it too.

The first group is filled with printable games, while the second group has non-printable games to try. Print on colored cardstock so children can easily identify the size of the unit. Did it work? They record how many red and yellow onto their worksheets by first coloring, filling and the number bond, and then the number sentence. Dot-to-dot and coloring pages, along with matching games, will keep little ones enthralled while improving counting, alphabet, memory, and motor skills. Genie and Lamp Number Bond Matching -  to 5 (SB9008).

Print and cut out for a simple activity where children match the two halves of each Easter egg to make number bonds that make 10. Use these activities in your math centers.

Fun And Engaging Games To Help Your Students Practice Making 10!Included In This Resource:* Student Workmat To Use In Dry Erase Pockets. A set of printable dinosaurs hatching from eggs with number bonds for 10. Simple flash cards showing number sentences with blanks for making numbers 1 to 10. Print, laminate, put in a math center and your students will become experts in no time! 10 Team-Building Games for a Friendlier Classroom is a fantastic resource for developing relationships and a positive tone in the classroom.. Which dollar store did you get the sheets at?

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