What’s Ackley Bridge all about? Ackley Bridge season 3: Kaneez Paracha to make a huge decision?
Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. We use cookies on this website, by continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Nas got one step closer to her dream university, but that put a threat over Nas and Missy's friendship, as the two friends obviously have different aspirations in life.

“I think we have to keep faith in the fact we are a show that tries to be authentic and people move on and the younger ones will come up and have a chance to shine.”.

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George Ormond, Executive Producer, Ackley Bridge. With its feet firmly planted in multicultural Yorkshire, Ackley Bridge is Channel 4’s laugh-out-loud school drama set in a small Yorkshire mill town. Just hit 'Like' on our Digital Spy Facebook page and 'Follow' on our @digitalspy Instagram and Twitter account. Ackley Bridge fans are heartbroken over Cory and Naveed, Ackley Bridge abuse story praised for its sensitivity, Ackley Bridge fans mad at student/teacher affair, Ackley Bridge viewers devastated after plot twist, Hollyoaks fans 'heartbroken' over shock death, Ackley Bridge delights fans with surprise proposal. Series 1 Episode 3. The flash mob you didn’t know you needed #AckleyBridge pic.twitter.com/z3uEn3iKTT, Related: Ackley Bridge praised once more for its representation of mental health. An authentic slice of multicultural Yorkshire wrapped around sandstone Georgian architecture. i don't like it when nas and missy argue #AckleyBridge, NAS AND MISSY ANGST MAKES ME SO UPSET #AckleyBridge, i can’t deal with the angst #ackleybridge, please no i cant deal with nas and missy angst :(( #ackleybridge. Ackley Bridge Episode 7 Nas finally meets a girl who knocks her socks off, but their families and backgrounds put them completely at odds, and Missy and Hayley are heartbroken when Simone relapses With Nas spreading Missy’s ashes shortly before her exit, it seemed the Channel 4 drama was finally closing the chapter of their friendship, which was also signified by another departure. This is a list of the characters, and who portrays them. Meanwhile, it was a whole different and more chaotic situation at the school. One viewer posted on Twitter: “THEY GOT RID OF THE F***ing SKIP F*** MY LIFE #ackleybridge [sic].”, Another wrote: “I will NOT cry over a skip... i wont.... f**** sake I'm.... :'( #AckleyBridge, A third remarked: “The skip going hurt #AckleyBridge,” whilst a fourth commented: “The skip being moved has finished me #AckleyBridge.”. Series 3 of Ackley Bridge got off to a shocking start when we saw the show’s two main characters, Nas and Missy, get hit by a car in the episode’s final moments. Ackley Bridge season 3 location: Where is Ackley Bridge filmed? “We have to be real.
See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, Another wrote: “mate i am a MESS bawling my eyes out right now #AckleyBridge [sic],” as a third shared: “I'm an emotional wreck #AckleyBridge.”. Ackley Bridge: Is Ackley Bridge is a real place?

Ackley Bridge season three is now available on All4.

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. "I can't deal with Nas and Missy's angst.". With its feet firmly planted in multicultural Yorkshire, Ackley Bridge is Channel 4’s laugh-out-loud school drama set in a small Yorkshire mill town. As for viewers, they were heartbroken to see them fighting and couldn't handle their feud. Mandy was overwhelmed when her new boss dumped a load of unmanageable kids from his other schools on her, while Sam Murgatroyd's mother made a surprising visit to the school, fresh from prison and insistent that she wanted to see her kid. Halifax found fortune and glory with the textile trade as far back as the 16th century, leaving a legacy of Georgian townhouses and ornate architecture. A second series of twelve episodes was then announced, broadcasting from 5 June to 21 August 2018. Ackley Bridge returned tonight (June 18) with its third series, and it brought back the story of neighbours and best friends Nas and Missy. Additional filming locations in Leeds and Bradford are also used throughout the series. Digital Spy participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. A political story. Tuesday's episode saw Nas (Amy-Leigh Hickman) securing an interview at Oxford university, while her friend Missy (Poppy Lee Friar) revealed that she had much simpler plans for the future. With its feet firmly planted in multicultural Yorkshire, Ackley Bridge is Channel 4’s laugh-out-loud school drama set in a small Yorkshire mill town.

Nasreen Paracha is a sixth form student at Ackley Bridge and the daughter of dinner lady, Kaneez Paracha.

Ackley Bridge season 3: Nas Paracha and Missy Booth put the worlds to right by sitting on the skip. Find out more. Ackley Bridge is a British comedy-drama series set in a multicultural academy school of the same name, that began broadcasting on Channel 4 from 7 June 2017. Close-to-the-knuckles humour mixes with highly emotional drama in this TV series to create a searing vision of West Yorkshire. Of course that was not all, the school also went through other typical drama, including graffiti on the school's walls, rebelling students and even an exploding car. “And we have new people coming up through the ranks,” the writer explained.

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