If you listen to this song, try to listen to it with a therapist in the room or with a friend as it can be difficult to listen to alone. Your feelings are valid! It’s the ultimate song for people experiencing anger as they battle PTSD. I want to warn you that some of these songs may trigger you (some triggered me too). So, it’s no wonder that there are some songs out there that are so healing, they are actually helping all kinds of people recover from some serious heartache and trauma. She wanted them all to leave and she went to the beach and had a line in her head saying “How do I feel so good sober?” Ultimately it had zero to do with alcohol but with identities. After a rape, doctors and social workers often tell you horror stories so you don’t report the crime to police. This album was a gift my rapist gave to … If you recently got sober and find that you’re still struggling with cravings or chronic relapse, call Eudaimonia Recovery Homes today to learn about our sober living programs and transitional housing in Houston, Austin, and Colorado Springs. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. But the challenge is that the people telling you to be strong have never been through what you’ve been through. ‘There’s nothing I’m not worthy of!’

I don’t know why but I always picture creepy clowns when I hear this. Safe and Sound – Taylor Swift Haze's is … Jump to navigation Jump to search. Copyright © 2019 Palm Partners Drug Rehab Center. The 12 Best Songs About Recovery: 1. “Music evokes emotion” he says. Here are some songs about overcoming the trauma of bullying just to lift your spirits. The login page will open in a new tab. It’s basically the ultimate power song for victims to recognize that they’re strong and they made the right decision. It can be triggering as it talks about war. This ballad describes the life of a heroin-addicted couple and the idea that substance abuse is just denial and an escape from the ultimate truth. Another positive song about PTSD is You Gotta Be. This song about PTSD is unlike any other ptsd song on this list. This PTSD song is ideal for people looking to gain confidence in their decision to leave an abusive relationship. PTSD is one of the most difficult mental health challenges a person can experience. Speak Now With a Live Admissions Coordinator. As you live your new lifestyle of sobriety, you’ll have good days and bad ones, but this list of songs about addiction and recovery may provide inspiration, hope, and healing when you need it most. The song is particularly triggering.

A song about PTSD for people in the military is the song Zombie by the Cranberries. For me, as long as my heart was open to receiving love, the more secure and safe I felt. The title of this song is a reference to one man’s struggle with alcoholism, but the lyrics also talk about how some of us may not understand what it means to lose it all. The cure is to let in a little more love. While music cannot “cure” the pain left in the wake of a traumatic incident, for many individuals, music can be a comfort in recovery.

He listened to many of the people’s stories of addiction and homelessness and was both shocked and inspired. I was on the way to (or from I don’t remember) Taekwondo practice and I was bawling in the back.” — Renee P. “Not necessarily the words, the music is just so uplifting. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but mine is that this is about struggling with addiction. It’s full of strength and self-empowerment, that could inspire even the most hopeless of situations.

Invincible – Kelly Clarkson. If you’re constantly waking up from nightmares you probably don’t want to listen to this song about PTSD. It’s also a great reminder that surrendering is not something that just happens once, rather, it’s something that we must do day in and day out in addiction recovery. This song hits on the idea that although the abuse of drugs may seem like fun and games, it can be deadly. everything just comes pouring out of me.” — Amanda P. “This song is so powerful and let’s me know it’s OK to cry.” — Liz T. “It’s just generally calming and brought back calming memories of Hawaii.” — Muriel D. Header image via Kesha YouTube channel and Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole Facebook page. It seems all too relatable for a lot of people, sadly…but this song, at least, seems to helping some women come to terms with the void they’ve been feeling. So I guess that’s why it’s such a good one, you can give your own meaning to it. Love heals a multitude of wounds, after all.” — Jenn D. This song about PTSD has versions by both Adam Lambert and P!nk. Certain melodies or lyrics can evoke powerful emotions that can fill a survivor with strength. Below is a playlist of the songs that have empowered and strengthened survivors in their healing journey. “I really enjoy the type of music that’s used, and I really was able to focus on the main point of the song. An attacker doesn’t realize the damage they do with their behavior. Always aim to do one tiny thing that makes you a little bit better each day. The lyrics “I’m letting go, so give me one more chance” can be powerful for people who are ready to let go of their trauma and go back to facing their fears and living the life they want to so that they can be saved from “the road I’m on.”. “My most recent go-to song when depression is holding me in bed is ‘Flames’ by Sia. Everyone loves a song that they can relate to; and being in recovery there are a lot of songs out there from musicians who struggled with addiction. This song is all about doing something (such as drugs) to forget the hurt and pain that sometimes accompany life. Subscribe and get meditation, mindfulness, and self-improvement content in your inbox. I know it’s David Guetta too, but the words really speak to me.” — Kam S. “I am a survivor of sexual abuse, and that song inspires me to keep fighting depression and anxiety.” — Dani A. And to stand up against someone who did that kind of damage, you need to master standing up for yourself. Austin, TXHouston, TXColorado Springs, CO, Music has a profound ability to help us through difficult times, Max Flinn talks about his struggle with substance abuse, How to Care For Your Mental Health In Times of Uncertainty, 8 Ways to Stay Active Without Leaving Your House, How to Stay Connected While Social Distancing, Eudaimonia Staff Provides Washable Face Masks for All Residents, New Eudaimonia Sober Living App Fosters a Successful and Fun Recovery Experience.

The lyrics “But I brushed my teeth anyway, Got dressed through the mess and put a smile on my face I got a little bit stronger” are perfect for celebrating the little wins as you recover from PTSD. These relatable songs can help remind you that you aren’t alone in your struggles. Please log in again. It talks about waking up to a familiar feeling in an unfamiliar place which basically describes my alcohol use and drinking career. If some songs prove to be too difficult to listen to, feel free to follow along to one of our guided meditations to help lower your stress levels.

This song talks about waking up from a hangover and that feeling of waking up the next day after a long night of drinking. Lewis references his father, though he believes he has only himself to hold responsible for his problems. Beautiful. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. The lyrics “Thought I would self-destruct, but I’m still here” are really powerful lyrics for people battling suicidal thoughts as they struggle with PTSD.

Jesus Take the Wheel – Carrie Underwood, #9.

This popular song by The Fray talks about the hard times in life and questions why bad things happen to us and to the people we love. It also talks about song lyrics today and how rappers underestimate the power their words have on young people.

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