Almost 9 years later the convention centre is the world first convention centre that is certified double LEED platinum. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Almost 9 years later the convention centre is the world first convention centre that is certified double LEED platinum. New developments are often required to have a water management plan to try to mimic the existing water system. Current irrigation practices include a large amount of run off and new technologies exist to improve this, having new technologies improved and implemented is a large challenge. Case Studies.,, Your email address will not be published. The ideal candidate will bring specific experience in facility operations, ideally from public buildings such as stadiums, arenas, large post-secondary institutions, healthcare facilities, or related multiplex conference centres or event facilities where there is quick turnaround involved and timely attention to detail. What water systems are currently in place? Newer cities also have a storm water system while older cities have this combined with the sewer system. 2013 AIA National. One of the key design features that allows the convention centre to operate to such high standards is the sophisticated black water treatment. Housing the more than 7,000 media who will be broadcasting live to millions of viewers across the globe, the new facility will be a powerful visual ambassador of the Pacific Northwest region’s commitment to sustainability. Environmental Stewardship and Urban Infrastructure, Part 1: Understanding Urban Water Systems.

Water demand has been decreasing in north America in recent years largely due to low flow fixtures. The management of urban water systems is extremely important as water is a valuable resource that is not treated as such. When it opened, the convention centre was certified LEED platinum for new construction; just last month the building received its … 999 West Hastings Street Derek is widely known as a painter who works with diverse styles in response to his engagement with varied subject matter. Vancouver Convention Centre Director, Facilities Management. The Vancouver Convention Centre underwent extensive construction with the addition of the west building for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Click here to print or download this opportunity's details. To be considered for this executive opportunity, please click the Apply Online Now button at the bottom of this page and fill out the application form. Metro Vancouver regularly publishes information about its sustainability efforts.

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