In May 1954, Clayton guest-starred in ABC's sitcom Where's Raymond?, starring Ray Bolger as a song-and-dance man, Raymond Wallace. Special to The Morning Call | Apr 08, 2016 at 6:00 PM . The One With the Braids): Sporadic movie and television appearances; last credit 2006's Jeremiah's Secret. Donald Keeler (Sylvester "Porky" Brockway): Still appears in movies under his real name, Joey Vieira. The ongoing saga of the Martin family and their beloved collie, Lassie. Clayton played the first four seasons of Lassie, from September 1954 to December 1957, as Ellen Miller, a war widow living on her father-in-law's farm with her preteen son, Jeff, and her late husband's cantankerous old father, Gramps (played by the Canadian-born George Cleveland). George Cleveland (George "Gramps" Miller): Died July 15, 1957, of a heart attack, during the filming of Lassie's fourth season.

In "Timmy's Family", broadcast originally in December 1957, she guest-starred in a supporting role to Lassie's new family. Clayton married for a third and final time in 1966 to pianist and film/television composer George Greeley. Roger Mobley appears in this episode as David Harper, Janet's young son. In the episode "Transition", Ellen and Jeff start a new life in the city after selling the farm to the Martin family (co-starring Cloris Leachman and Jon Shepodd) and giving Lassie to little Timmy Martin (played by child actor Jon Provost). Despite Lassie doing well with the TV audiences, Tommy Rettig sought release from his contract in the popular series' fourth season.

After many years, the Martins move to Australia but must leave Lassie behind due to animal quarantine regulations. Sherry Boucher (Sue Lambert, DVM, mark 1 a.k.a. Nolan Leary (Dan Cook, later Judge Baxter): Died December 12, 1987. (There's a photo of an adult Kelly on Jon Provost's website.). Then, in 1961, she again starred in a comedy pilot based on Bess Streeter Aldrich's book Cheers for Miss Bishop. But even then after a few drinks I'd get the sillies, then the cries and finally the meanies." Hugh Reilly (Paul Martin): Died July 17, 1998, of emphysema.

(There's a photo of an adult Flip on Jon Provost's website.). While starring in Show Boat, Clayton met Robert Lerner, an heir to the women's clothing shops bearing his name.

Clayton appeared in only one more Lassie episode after those cast changes. Andy Clyde (Cully Wilson): Died May 18, 1967. Her son, Joseph Clayton Lerner, said that Miss Clayton did not want a funeral, but that a tribute had been scheduled for Thursday at the Coronet Theater in Los Angeles.

She was 66 years old. Robert Foulk (Sheriff Miller): Died February 25, 1989. It was the first opportunity for millions of viewers to see a scene from the musical, since none of the film versions of the Rodgers and Hammerstein stage musicals had yet been released.

Robert Bray (Corey Stuart): Died March 7, 1983, of a heart attack. In recent years, she served on the National Council of the United Service Organizations Inc., touring the world. Clayton was posthumously inducted into the New Mexico Entertainment Hall of Fame in 2012.

Jay W. Macintosh (Elaine Baker): Last listed appearance 1994 as a guest on the series Picket Fences. Born near Alamogordo, New Mexico, the only child of two schoolteachers, Clayton started singing by age four. (There's a picture of Jon and Jon reunited on Provost's website—check out the "Recollections" section for some super photos, old and new.). Linda Wrather (Wilhemina "Willie" Brewster): Only one acting credit besides Lassie, a role on The Lone Ranger. According to Jon Provost's website, he is now a writer in England. [4]. Joshua Albee (Mike Bishop): A few acting credits after Lassie, the last listed being a guest on the series Code Red. This is a digitized version of an article from The Times’s print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996. All information is from the Internet Movie Database; if the person has done any other work, I am unaware of it unless I hear otherwise.

In the 1962 episode "St. Louis Woman" on NBC's The Tall Man, Clayton performed in the role of Janet Harper, a widow engaged to Tom Davis ( Canadian-born Russ Conway), a friend of Sheriff Pat Garrett (Barry Sullivan). The series earned three Emmy awards and Miss Clayton was nominated for an Emmy. [citation needed] Clayton during this period also played herself in an appearance on Peter Lawford's short-lived NBC sitcom Dear Phoebe. Visit his website. Florence Lake (Jenny the operator): Died April 11, 1980. Jon Provost, coming to Allentown, tells why he quit 'Lassie' By Daryl Nerl. He is the pizza man in Ferris Bueller's Day Off and appeared in The Patriot with Mel Gibson.

While driving her mother's Cadillac, Sandra ran through a stop sign and collided with another car. See the article in its original context from. Since I get this question so often, I thought I would put in a short page about it. Tommy Rettig (Jeff Miller): After making a name for himself in the computer field, died February 16, 1996. There were only a few times in Lassie when Clayton exhibited her impressive singing talents, most notably in the episode "The Gypsys" (Season 2, Ep. According to the IMDb, last credit 2009 as the voice of the titular character in Christmas the Horse. Three years later she married Robert Lerner, an attorney and brother of famed Broadway lyricist Alan Jay Lerner. She starred in the popular 1950s TV series Lassie. Jon Shepodd (Paul Martin, 1957-1958): No acting credits since 1962. '', Miss Clayton also had several roles on Broadway, playing Julie in the original production of ''Carousel.'' Stuart Randall (Al Livermore): Died June 22, 1988. "Then came Lassie"; "I took it because I was dying to work." Lassie debuted September 1954 in the Sunday 7:00 P.M. time slot. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. "My home life was being absolutely wrecked," she explained.

"My drinking got worse after my daughter died," she explained in her 1976 People interview. Their marriage, which ended in 1958, produced two daughters and a son: Robin (b. Mark Miranda (Neeka, later Andy Lopez): Apparently no acting credits since Lassie.

Richard Correll (Steve): No acting credits past the 1950s except for 1983's Still the Beaver (Correll was a regular on Leave It to Beaver). Miss Clayton, a native of Tularosa, N. M., graduated from Tularosa High School in 1935 and studied music and drama at Gulf Park College for Women in Gulfport, Miss.

Has done rare guest appearances since then, the latest being A Tale of Two Sillies. In "The Man Who Wouldn't Die", a 1967 episode of the syndicated series Death Valley Days, Clayton was cast as the Margaret Wilbarger, the sister of Texas pioneer Josiah Wilbarger, who lived for 11 years after being scalped by the Comanche. According to a correspondent, he's a 911 dispatcher in a Western state. Clayton was a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer starlet in the early 1940s, appearing in several films, none of them particularly notable, except for an unbilled role in 1948 as a singing inmate in The Snake Pit. He still makes appearances at charity events in connection with Lassie and supports no-kill animal shelters. Frank Ferguson (Dr. Wilson): Died September 12, 1978, of cancer. She joined Alcoholics Anonymous in 1970 and helped counsel other alcoholics on how to reclaim their lives. Donald Keeler (Sylvester "Porky" Brockway): Still appears in movies under his real name, Joey Vieira.

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