Interesting to see how different players order their lists differently. K Rool, Meta Knight, Pokémon Trainer, Yoshi, Mewtwo, Roy, Chrom, Pikachu, Pichu, Marth, Lucina, Ike, Shulk, Icineroar, Luigi, Inkling, Bayonetta, Sheik, Peach, Daisy, Corrin, Greninja, Toon Link, Dr. Mario, Cloud, Wolf, Fox, Snake, Young Link, Ness, Lucas, Mario, Donkey Kong, R.O.B., Jigglypuff, Lucario, Captain Falcon, Zero Suit Samus, Pit, Dark Pit, Zelda, Palutena, Isabelle, Villager, Ganondorf, Ridley, Kirby, Rosalina & Luma, Olimar, Duck Hunt, Mr. Game & Watch, Pac-Man, Bowser, Robin, King Dedede, Little Mac, Bowser Jr., Mega Man, Link, Samus, Dark Samus, Ice Climbers, Ryu, Ken, Sonic, Wario, Wii Fit Trainer, Mii Brawler, Mii Gunner, Mii Swordfighter, Piranha Plant.

Also, his side-B cape ability has less utility than Mario's, which acts as a sort of bonus recovery move for the latter thanks to its movement properties. Some players use the spit range of this attack to launch swallowed foes into stage hazards for instant KOs. She's worked in retail, coached, babysat, has had an internship, and now works as a list writer for Valent's website GameRant. Though his moveset is entertaining to watch and serviceable for casual play, he's got several major shortcomings that ensure he virtually never appears in a competitive setting.

Again, it's a cute idea, but he is rather slow and is not very effective overall. That legacy has come to a head in the new Super Smash Bros. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. No contest. They can unlock new characters and use new powers while either playing alone or with friends. This fighting game is a crossover that allows players to brawl with their favorite Nintendo characters. I used to get my butt handed to me when I played him in Wii U, he was just a little too slow, but he feels practically perfect in Ultimate! Its high knockback can be combo’d quickly in mid-air with Jigglypuff’s aerial moveset, giving players flexibility in how they can chain attacks. On top of 33rd at Umebura SP6.

Plus, he possesses the Ancient Bow which shoots arrows at opponents causing severe damage. Despite this, he is not the best character to use in Super Smash Bros. At least this Pokemon is kind of cute, right? Tarakotori got 13th at Umebura SP 4 (517 entrants). Opponents do not stand a chance with many of his combo moves. You'd think with that massive mallet of his he'd pack quite the punch and at least be a damage powerhouse. The last official tier list didn't even have him bottom 10. Outside of Jigglypuff and Olimar, I'll pretty much play anyone. Little Mac’s greatest weakness in the Smash Bros series is his side B move. Does anyoone know who the worst character is in?

I think the only trouble I had in 4 was ROB. For example, Lucas can tether grab opponents all the way across the stage with his move Double Jump Cancel Z-air. Fans may want to stick with plain old Pit if they intend to main the character in Ultimate. Ultimate has managed to avoid dropping any Echo Fighters as DLC, let's not start with Pac-Man wearing a bow and lipstick. That being said, I'm the guy who instantly hawked super armor + made of metal when I got them and have been playing strictly Lucario with those two on since (swapping metal for immunity on sleep floors, keeping super armor at all times). Pichu as well!

I'm still struggling to grasp them even after beating Galeem! Anyways... yeah those two characters a very fun to use competitively. So easy to gimp it is laughable. One of his signature moves is Bonus Fruit where he can confuse opponents. No judgment though; everyone has their favorites.

Peach is so good in this game. And basically every character can be very great, but it depends on the person playing that certain character. Who knows, maybe as he took more damage his trusty companion Sparx could change color, just like in his home turf games. There are a lot of characters in Super Smash Bros. Unfortunately, these characters don’t live up to their promise.

The little yellow ball from the '80s is now a fighter character in Super Smash Bros. News Minecraft Steve's Meat Gets The Chop In Smash Bros. News Super Smash Bros. Happy to see Roy placing so high. Review: Super Smash Bros.

While, yes, representation is better than some other bottom tiers, when many different players are getting this much results then it probably says something about the character.

It’s crazy that these are the worst but they are.

I love Ultimate..... Its Truly the Greatest Smash Game Ever!!!!!!!!!!! The singing pink puffball can prove to be deadly in the original Smash Bros and Melee, though in later iterations its laughably weak. Two attempts with other characters to beat her had failed. This, coupled with his low speed when jumping and high speed when falling, makes it easy for opponents to trap him in brutal juggles and combos anytime he leaves the ground.

The main draw of Smash Bros has always been how fun it is to play with other people.

Are you shaking with rage that your beloved Ice Climbers haven't made it to God-Tier status? I've been using Fox.

She recently graduated from Connecticut College with a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and English. Cloud is a very valuable character because he works wonders both in the air and on the ground. I've noticed that Mewtwo feels a lot better though which rocks because I love Mewtwo. Reminder: The Warner Bros. Halloween Sale On Switch Ends ... Nintendo Is Permanently Reducing The Price Of Switch Joy-Con.

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